Friday, November 11, 2011

The next Xbox will run with Windows 9

La próxima Xbox correrá con Windows 9

Fresh news has just arisen on the console successor of the Xbox 360. New Xbox, with name in code “Mule“, will have a main processor that will be assisted by additional nuclei in the field of graphs, IA, sound, networks, etc.

Mule will be smaller and cheap than the Xbox 360 current and it seems that it will run with a modified version of Windows 9. The console will be designed by Microsoft and another two companies that have not been announced.

If all this turns out to be a truth, it is possible that in one or two years we have before us a new console and a new operating system. At the moment, only he remains to wait.


  1. And the next next next xbox will just be a computer :P it took them 20 years to catch up. Good job console fanboys.

  2. Windows 9? Well, okay, hopefully it's cheaper than Xbox now.

  3. windows 9??? im still with XP... what a looser