Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: Hard disk WD Velociraptor 150GB

From the traditional hard disks today we bring part of the best thing that possesses in its line Digital Western, refer to the Velociraptor of 150GB with 10.000 speed RPM.
East is a model already known enough on the international market, but it is very strange to see them in Chile and it is for it that we have cheered up to this review to compare it with the discs of the current technology.
The disc has an orientation of use of high performance, as they it are servants or PCs of high scale. 10.000 RPM and its internal checker possess a quite high gross yield and make it compatible with any application of advanced computing or teams gamer.
Presentation and packing

Rarely in Chile we see a hard disk in box since in general OEM sells (only in the antistatic bag), but this is a disc of major quality and that's why its packing is a little more produced in safety, but quite coarsely esthetically. In its interior it has 2 plastic protectors so that this one neither moves nor beats in the transport, anything similar to what the notebooks take as a protection system.
Technical characteristics
WD Velociraptor 150GB
Type: Sata 2
Series: Velociraptor
I shape: WD1500HLFS
Number of part: WX71C90M1621
Format: 3.5 ″
Capacity: 150GB
Interface: 3 Gb/s
Speed: 10.000 rpm
I caught: 16MB
Dimensions: 105 x 145 x 29 mm
I weigh: 550g
WD Velociraptor 150GB

We unpack and have the general sight of the disc. Clearly what first attracts attention is its design, since it is much a moment to see a hard disk with a heat spendthrift around him, it needs of this for the yield and consumption of this team. Neither make a mistake with regard to the size, it turns out to be very big but it is in whole a disc of 3.5 ″ including the spendthrift, this is because the disc that it has inside is 2.5 ″ like that of a notebook but more thickness.

Its connection does not have any innovation especially, the port is the typical one Sata2, although it is seen that it is adapted of 2.5 ″ to 3.5 ″, but it is practically a bridge to be able to install it in a traditional office. Out of this one the disc does not bring any accessory, be already manual, cables or power adapters.
Tests platform
Tests platform
Motherboard Gigabyte G1. Assassin
Processor Intel Core i7 980x
Memory Kingston 3x2GB 1333 MHz CAS9
Hard disk Digital western 1.0TB WD1002FAEX
Digital western Velociraptor 150GB WD1500HLFSSP
Optician Bluray LG
Office Antec Skeleton
Power source Thermaltake 850W TR2 RX-850 (W0319RU)
Videocard eVGA GTX 480
Test software
Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 of 64 bits
Benchmarks HD Tune Pro
HD Tach
AIDA 1.70
The methodology will be quite simple, every program will move at least 3 times since the test becomes stable, then an average of them will be calculated to deliver a more trustworthy result.
The tests partner will be the WD of 1TB Sata 3 that we have used in other reviews and that is a part of our platform of tests.
We begin with the outstanding figure HDTach, this one shows us the reading speed and as they will see the thing it is very equal, the Velociraptor theoretically "gains" the test, but in fact it is a technical tie.

We continue with HDTune, here the reading tests and writing are very equal in the Velociraptor, practically they do not change. On the other hand on the disc Caviar Black there is a small change, but it is only 8 MB/s approximately. What if it is very well-known is its speed of access to the disc, we have 5.9ms for the Velociraptor and 12,8ms for the Caviar Black. Only we can only see as he behaves in a test of real use.

A simple but very effective test, we copy inside the same hard disk an image of DVD of 4.35 GB and take its time. The truth is that we were thinking that the difference would not exist or would be very minimal, but it was everything opposite. The Velociraptor took 29 seconds of advantage in realizing the same test, little more than 30 % of advantage in yield.

Finally to prove the real yield we take a folder with 2.836 equivalent files in weight to 4.36GB. This is to demand more the checker of the hard and good disk, the numbers speak themselves. To the Velociraptor it took 22 extra seconds to do the test with regard to when it was 1 only I file, but it still keeps on being more rapid enough than the Caviar Black.
Today we are provided with a brief but very clear and precise review. We had the opportunity to prove an excellent hard disk as it there are the Digital Western Velociraptor, which are designed for demanding tests and of high demand.
The hard disk has several peculiarities in its favor, comes quite packed although the packing stops that to want for not containing graphically at all, but there is preferable this to that they avenge in format OEM with only one antistatic bag.
For the side of the noise, we were imagining that 10.000 RPM would make feel, but not, the disc is soft and silent. The spendthrift was another indicator, we supposed a very high temperature, but again it was not like that. The disc maintained a normal temperature compared with its tests partner there were practically the same.
The yield was very well, since 3 was compared with a disc technologically superior to the being Sata, but this disc manages to compare it in all the synthetic tests, but he emphasized of exceedingly in the test realde files copy.
As characteristic to be improved only we can look at the price and its absence of accessories, although it is not a cheap hard disk, an insured yield is paid.
We hope that this review should have been of its taste and how we always remain attentive to its doubts or comments.

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