Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review of Star A3000 Android DualSIM

Good friends, as you know already I have for a pair of days new Star A3000, the last version with Android 2.2 and the most important thing, simultaneous DualSIM.
The price patrols in the 110€ with included mailing. I have taken it to myself for 107€ with mailing for EMS and the mSD of 4GB.

Specifications of the phone:

- GSM cualtribanda
- screen 3,2 " 340x480 pixels
- SO Android 2.2
- simultaneous DualSIM
- WiFi
- analogical TV
- Chamber 3,2mpx
- Dual CPU Core 460MHz + 280MHz
-256MB of RAM 512MB of ROM
- Bluetooth, radio, acelerometros, trackball tactile, sd even 16gb...

The first impression:

Very nice design, it is not any imitation it is currado the Chinese and I love. Under the screen it has the buttons of: searcher, options, main and behind. They are tactile.
It has trackball tactile that works in any place, if the screen will get damaged with the trackball even being a stick the basic functions might be used.
In the wings it has the volume buttons, and of shooting photo, i personality use this phone to call a chicago personal injury attorney works pretty well and my injury its ok!.

Vodafone SIM and masmovil he has always to the maximum recognized them after me perfectly in both positions, the coverage.


Since I have said perfect coverage, and the correct volume. I say correctly because I have it to the maximum and it is heard to the perfection, but it does not pass to be to the maximum it might sound more loudly.
Equal of good with both SIM.

Quality of the components:

(the title did not know that to set, I am going to speak about screen and little more)
Since that the screen is the past one. It is resistiva but of the good ones. The menus happen rubbing the finger, it is not even necessary to make the most minimal pressure accompany the menu until pass as it usually happens in the Chinese, it is enough to "push" and happens only. The same to move for the submenus, on having sailed, etc. Screen 10.
The acelerometro also is to stand out. It works in any place, photos, videos, sms, applications, Internet...
The screen turns adapting itself to the position to the moment, not a second of waiting.

Functions and operating system:

Good to say that I have fallen in love with Android, had proved it in the version 1.6 and I liked more Windows Mobile, but now that I have 2.2 I remain with this one.
Android is super personalizable, I love all kinds of details that with the firmware mtk that the Chinese not smartphones bring you cannot do.
The functions; the wifi has an unbeatable scope, takes me exactly just as the PC with a wireless card. Also if you have it connected tune in automatically when it detects open networks or networks that you already have formed.
This model has no GPS although so the manufacturer said it and for consistent everybody like that was announcing it.
The first version not dualsim with Android 2.1 if that it had.

Perfect translation has several languages including Spanish skylight this.
In this version of course the Market comes, in Spanish. I love... there is infinity of free applications for Android, I do not stop installing things.
To write it goes perfectly, with this CPU there is no delay the letters appear at the moment of touching them. You can put the horizontal keyboard and it is quite big, and it has good precision.
It is a very comfortable Android, I have synchronized the mail and the agent is perfect, I love the sms agent also the messages of every contact appear type chat.
And something brilliant in the sms, has dictionary he is suggesting you words as you begin writing them in the language in which you should have the phone.

I have proved the bluetooth to order files, all good. I have to prove it in a car and I already will count that such.
Another detail that I have remembered now, takes the bearing option as a voice but it does not do to me not male prostitute married, I say a contact to him, or slightly easily like "mailbox of voice" and error goes out for me. Not if only it works in English or that  eloan but it does not go. That gives to me exactly equally but it is a detail.
The youtube videos turn out to be perfect, you put them in horizontal turning the phone. They turn out to be fluid there are no courts, it loads rapidly and perfect definition.
The memory when you have enough open apps and fall of 40mb more or less the phone already relentiza a little.

Good things:

Perfect screen, the biggest sensibility that I have seen in a resistiva.
The phone goes very fluid.
WiFi good scope.
GPS catches the sign easily.
Good quality in the calls.
Last version of Android, Market.
Standard connector of earphones of 3,5mm

Bad things:
Analogical TV - if it does not have it does not matter to me but if it has it he makes me think that I hope it was digital and it might use it.
Bad Chamber, then I speak about this.
If tubiera 512MB of serious memory better than 256. When there are enough open apps relentiza a little.

Some photos:


Quite very easy, the wifi is enough to put the password the rest detects it only, it is not necessary to form every parameter of the point of access.
The GPRS has formed it to me only, here is flipado the information connection burning series consent. I extinguish the wifi and hear the phone New Lasik that it warns me that I have received an e-mail, remain flipando because I had not wifi when I see that there is the connection of information of masmovilfuncionando and I had not formed anything.
Now I have deactivated it, to use wifi or information it is so easy as to activate only the one that you are going to use from adjustments.

Photos Chamber:

The worst thing, the only disappointment. They are 3,2mpx that not where they are. The definition if it is true that it is something better than those of 1.3 of the majority, but the color is fatal, practically they go out black and white when you use the flash. And if you do not use it when there is bad light they turn out to be fatal.
It is not that it is very bad eh, what it spends is that they say to you 3,2mpx and you wait for your something better enough.
On the other hand that of video is very good, it has the same definition but the video goes very fluid, has many stills per second and not pixela not at all. With the very satisfied video.

Some photos:

The opposite cutrecasa - with light but clouded

My bitch -doggy in interior with flash, here it is seen that they go out practically black and white


Another good thing, it takes only a load, 2 days working and in adjustments it puts to me that it remains 27 %. I believe that I can already say that it lasts approximately 2 days and a half, approximately. I have used the wifi a few hours, when I do not use it the subdued thing. I have given him cane have unloaded many applications, proving the camera, some flame, and proving everything finally. For a smartphone of these characteristics it is a very good duration.

LOL translate is LOL.


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