Thursday, October 20, 2011

In-Ear Stereo Earbuds (3.5mm Metallic Orange)

Price: $2.85
- Excellent attenuation of ambient noise 
- Extremely small and lightweight 
- Come with spare Ear buds and Versatile ear buds fit comfortably in your   ears 
- In-ear designed

- The price, for under three dollars you won't find anything with that price and as good as this.
- The looks, the earphones look really solid and have a lot of metallic in it, a sturdy 3.5mm plug feels nice and looks like it doesn't brake very easily. - Sound is ok, you just need to put them in your ears a certain way. - They come with two extra pairs of spear buds so you can change them if they worn out! - The durability of these earphones are better than apple ones, the only weakness could be the cable which feels a bit cheapy.
- The cable is way to short, I also don't like that one earphone is shorter than the other, but others like that.
- The sound again, it's hard getting them in a position they give good sound try to put them in a way they give a nice sound, putting them too far in your ears the bass will dominate the rest of the music, but putting them too far away from your ears will give you a weak sound quality.
Just a nice earphone for a low price, if you wan't a good quality one you certainly need to pay a lot more than this, for music this thing does the trick well enough. 


  1. Those are pretty awesome looking, too bad about the cable lengths. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hell, I'd buy a pair of headphones for three dollars. Let us know how long they last. I remember I got five dollar headphones once and they broke the next day when I took them out of the packaging.

  3. I need a new set of head phones, Do a review for a wireless or bluetooth pair with a detachable mic :)

  4. I need one of these!

  5. lol i want them so bad :D

  6. Maybe I'll try these out, but earbuds just don't last long anyway. Too bad that the cord length is so short, that makes these earbuds almost useless.

  7. loooks so pretty good!

  8. I may consider getting a pair of one of these! :)

  9. nice review man! keep it up

  10. Nice! I think im gonna have to check them out! Great heads up!