Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spy Waterproof Wristwatch!

USB Rechargeable 1.3 MP Pin-hole Spy AV Camera Disguised as Working Waterproof Wristwatch (4GB)

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Price: $30.20 (freeshiping)

- Waterproof wrist watch designed
- Lens: pinhole
- Still image format: JPG 1600*1200 resolution
- Video resolution: 1280*960
- Built-in 4GB memory
- Built-in battery: 260mAh rechargeable battery
- Charge and data transfer: USB cable
- Plug & Play, no drivers required for Windows ME/2000/XP/MacOS 9.2 or above
- Windows 98 need install the driver
- Package included:
- 1 * Working Watch with pinhole camera
- 1 * AC Charger (110~220V EU plug)
- 1 * Software CD
- 1 * USB cable
- 1 * English/Chinese manual

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- It is a functional wristwatch, so it can be used on a daily basis without calling attention to itself... So, when the apropriate time for spying others arrive, it is already on my wrist to activate and spy! =D
- I consider the watch good designed, and I've already received praise from others (they don't know it can spy them, hwhaha ).
- It comes with 4GB of memory, that is more than enough to film through its 54 minutes of authonomy recording.

- DX claims it is waterproof, however I have my doubts, because the "ring" that circles the glass can be rotated, which makes me wonder if this feature keeps the waterproofness of the watch... In doubt, I never expose this watch to water.
- When recording, there's an audible "tic-tac" sound, which can be annoying.
- The video quality is not so good, with low FPS and some compression artifacts. In fact the videos in are 1280x960, but in reality the sensor of the camera cause is 640x480. In other words, it was upscaled to pretend it is high resolution.
- Due to the glass of the watch, the videos are recorded with some sort of "dreaming filter"...
- The audio quality is very bad, and human speech is barely understandable perfect to record a and works pretty well :D .
- Data transfers are very slow, with less than a megabyte per second, meaning it will take centuries to transdfer your files to PC. By the way, this watch is picky on PCs: it refused to be recongnized by me netbook, only working on my desktop computer, even though both are Winows 7
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Other Thoughts:
- I felt this watch is a little heavy, but maybe it's just a personal impression, as I'm used to wear lightweight watches (Casio digital watches... xD )

Even though the video and audio are not that great in terms of quality, I still recomend the purchase, because this procut is 3 things: stylish wristwatch, spy cam and portable storage (4GB) att go, so I think it is a great deal considering the price. Even if you get too disppointed in the video recording, it is a good wristwatch by itself, so it hardly will be wasted money.

Quality Test!

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  1. That looks like an awesome watch!  Photos are pretty decent too.

  2. Although it does have its many flaws, it could be tweaked or made a lot better. It does keep its "average joe" look, so people won't even know it's a spycam xD

  3. wow this watch looks awesome

  4. For 30 bucks it's not bad

  5. Thats a pretty neat watch and its not too expensive. I like it!

  6. Cool i have one of these but the wristband wrote. The watch and everything else still works great though. 

  7. This is pretty neat and the watch it self is pretty cool looking. The picture quality is pretty impressive too for being a watch.

  8. Good  that watch looks hawt!